About the project

Dead are only those who are forgotten.

Since 1995, Cologne-based artist Gunter Demnig has been commemorating the victims of the German Nazi regime with his project "Stolpersteine” – Stumbling Stones. All over Germany, the artist has been laying small memorial stones in sidewalks and pavements outside those houses where the people lived or worked who were murdered by the Nazi regime.
Stumbling stones are concrete cubes of 10 centimeters to which a brazen plaque with the engraved biographical data of the commemorated victims is attached.

Voluntary initiatives in numerous cities in Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands have been supporting the project since its beginning. Hamburg citizen Peter Hess brought the the Stumbling Stone project to the Hanseatic city in 2002 and today more than 5.000 stones in the sidewalks of Hamburg draw the pedestrians’ attention to the murdered citizens.

Several Hamburg initiatives and history workshops are contributing to the project by researching the biographical data or collecting information about the different groups of victims. (See also "Links”) Thanks to their dedication, we are glad to be able to provide you with not only the dates of birth and death but also with many detailed biographies of the victims. Because, by telling their story and showing their pictures, the fate of the dead will be remembered.

Sponsorship payments finance the project and it is widely accepted among Hamburg citizens. In contrast to the current situation in other German cities, the Hamburg city administration and their representatives explicitly support the Stumbling Stones project.
The Hamburg Stumbling Stone Initiative would like to thank the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg that has made the launch of this website possible through the local agency for civic education.

The Hamburg Stumbling Stone Initiators instantly hope that this project may contribute to the commemoration of the murdered citizens.

Peter Hess, Heimhuder Straße 33, 20148 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 / 4105162, Fax: 040 / 45039453


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