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Joseph Andrade * 1862

Semperstraße 39 (Hamburg-Nord, Winterhude)

JG. 1862
ERMORDET 22.8.1942

Joseph Andrade, born on 17 May 1862 in Hamburg, deported on 19 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, died there on 22 Aug. 1942

Semperstrasse 39

Joseph Andrade was born in Hamburg on 17 May 1862 as the second youngest child of the broker Abraham Joseph Israel Andrade (born c. 1832, died on 22 Oct. 1882) and Rahel/ Rosalie, née Levy (born on 18 Mar. 1835 in Altona, died on 25 Feb. 1899). His father was in the tobacco business.

Joseph Andrade grew up with three sisters. The older ones, Sara and Jehudith, had been born on 17 Nov. 1858 and on 15 Dec. 1860, and the youngest, Zipora, had been born on 13 Feb. 1866. The family belonged to the Portuguese Jewish Community, descendants of the Sephardim who had been expelled from the Iberian Peninsula and had settled in Hamburg, among other places, toward the end of the sixteenth century and founded their own community.

Unlike his father, Joseph Andrade did not take up a commercial profession, but left school and signed on as a "ship’s boy” at the age of 14. During this time, the family resided at Neustädter Fuhlentwiete 24 and – since they were not listed in the Hamburg directory – they probably did so as subtenants.

Joseph Andrade stayed with seafaring. During one of his voyages, he became infected with malaria. Therefore, at the age of 58, in Oct. 1920, he had to give up seafaring because he suffered from recurrent bouts of fever. Until the end of 1921, Joseph Andrade still received unemployment benefits; afterward, he had to apply for welfare assistance at the welfare office. In Apr. 1922, Joseph Andrade found work again as a watchman for the Hermann Bodewei boat rental company. However, he fell seriously ill again in October and had to be treated in the Eppendorf hospital until Dec. 1922.

Once again unemployed, all efforts to find a job as a watchman were unsuccessful. Joseph Andrade was not entitled to old-age pension or disability benefits, because, as the phrase went, his "entitlement” had expired. From Oct. 1923 onward, he was continuously supported by the welfare authorities.

As an unmarried seaman, Joseph Andrade rented accommodation as a subtenant, for many years with the Selck couple in Altona at Bleicherstrasse 15, then in the Winterhude quarter at Forsmannstrasse 26, and finally at Semperstrasse 39. When his landlady Louise Selck, widowed by then, died on 16 Sept. 1935, Joseph Andrade temporarily moved in with his unmarried sister Jehudith on 1 Oct. 1935, who had been living in a one-room apartment in the Jewish Hertz-Joseph-Levy-Stift, a charitable foundation, at Gross Neumarkt 56 since 1927. Shortly thereafter, he found accommodation with the merchant Karlstedt near his sister’s residence, at Schlachterstrasse 28, a street that no longer exists.

In 1937, Joseph Andrade relocated three more times, in January initially again to the Hertz-Joseph-Levy-Stift, this time moving in with the commercial clerk "A. Levy.” In April, he resided with the merchant "G. Jahnke” at Hütten 67 and in October at Zeughaus 34 with "Wagner.” According to an entry in the welfare file, he lived "in orderly circumstances” in neatly kept rooms. During the day, he went to see his sister Jehudith, who served him meals. On 24 Feb. 1939, Joseph Andrade’s welfare file was closed with the note indicating, "because of committal to the Stift” and the monthly support of 39 RM (reichsmark) was discontinued. Joseph Andrade was again taken in by his sister Jehudith until she died of esophageal cancer in the Jewish Hospital at Johnsallee 54 on 16 Jan. 1941, at the age of almost 81. By this time, the former Hertz-Joseph-Levy-Stift was already being used as a so-called "Jews’ house” ("Judenhaus”).

After the death of his sister, Joseph Andrade was sent to the "Jüdisches Altenheim Nordheim-Stift,” a Jewish retirement home at Schlachterstrasse 40/42, where he received his deportation order.

On 19 July 1942, Joseph Andrade was deported to Theresienstadt. Just one month later, on 22 Aug. 1942, he died at the age of 80.

Joseph Andrade’s sister Sara had married the non-Jewish tailor Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Albert Wolf (born on 15 Aug. 1841 in Reichenbach, died on 30 Apr. 1892) in Altona on 24 Mar. 1879: She died widowed on 18 Aug. 1926 and had last resided at Emilienstrasse 65.

The younger sister Zipora had married her cousin, the cigar sorter Joseph Andrade (born on 9 Feb. 1870, died on 15 Mar. 1933), on 17 Oct. 1901. She died of a heart valve defect on 26 July 1905, at the age of 34, in her apartment at Steinstrasse 72 in Altona.

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